James Quilter is registered with the Australian Driver Training Association (A.D.T.A.) certified as a Master Driver Trainer.


He is an authorised instructor to provide the Australian Government funded Keys2Drive lesson as well as being registered with the RACQ Learn To Go. 

James was a Sergeant in the Australian Army Reserve and in 1983 qualified at the Army School of Training as a Driver Testing Officer. He was assessed by experienced full time trainer as “An Exceptional Instructor”.  This qualification not only required him to prepare programs, plan and deliver instructional periods but also to conduct practical driving tests to authorise military licences.


In addition, James has had 28 year service achieving the rank of Sergeant in the Police Service. His duties focused on traffic enforcement,  performing duties from traffic adjudication for the prosecution of traffic offences to Highway Patrol in high performance cars and motor cycles.


He has achieved certification to operate high performance vehicles as well as standard police vehicles, precision and display motor cycle team, VIP protection, defensive driving, instructor and operator speed radar/laser detection.


The quality of instruction he has practiced for over 30 years in the army and the Police Service are provided to all  learners at Q Driver Training.


The “Q” stands for “Quality of Instruction”.


James  Quilter's Driver Training Qualifications:

  • Attended the Queensland Police Driver Training Course

  • Completed A Standard Car Course (Three Weeks)

  • Certificate presented on 8th of  September 1978

  • Completed A Standard Motor Cycle Course (Three Weeks)

  • Certificate issued on 22nd February 1980 

  • Completed An Advanced Car Course No. 2/85

  • Certificate given on 1st March 1985

  • Qualified as z/83 Testing Officer (B VEH) ARES Course at Army School of Transport  Certificate given on 8th October 1983

  • Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics  (Road Transport-Car Driving Instruction)

  • Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics  (Road Transport- Heavy Vehicle Driving Instruction) at Ian Watson's Driver Training Centre on 2nd May 2012

  • Fulfilled the requirements for ADTA (Australian Driver Trainers Association-QLD) Inc. as a Master Driver Trainer Vehicle Class C on 18th June 2013.